With our extensive fleet of heavy trucks, we will go anywhere at anytime to rescue your equipment. We understand that when one of your trucks is disabled, your bottom line is at risk. Our heavy-duty tow trucks haul most large vehicles including tractor trailers, school buses, dump trucks, mobile cranes, construction equipment, straight trucks, fire and emergency trucks. After providing service for over 20 years, Marky’s Super Tow knows the importance of getting our customers trucks back on the road.
Both the operators and the truck ensure your equipment is taken care of safely and as quickly as possible. We also provide emergency recovery, load shifts, rollovers, pick up & storage of tractor trailers. This and our ongoing relationships in the trucking industry has allowed us to become the provider of choice in this area for several large scale trucking companies and a host of owner operators. We pride ourselves on handling even the most challenging of recoveries. Our tow operators are trained to be problem solvers, which makes no incident too difficult. If you find yourself in need of recovery services, one call to us will end your troubles.

Jump Start Service

You are walking to your car at 6PM ready to end your long workday and discover you left your headlights on all day. You turn the Key and nothing, Your battary is Dead! Call Marky's Super Tow we will get you Started !

Road Side Service

Light Towing

We specialize in all light duty towing services. Our dispatchers provide true 24-hour personalized service, which means there is never an answering machine or answering service. Our dispatch staff is trained to assess your requirements quickly and send the correct Marky’s vehicle on its way within minutes. Every safety precaution is observed to ensure a safe ride to your vehicle’s destination.

The Marky’s Fleet of rollbacks is on the highways of our city, state and region every day, delivering a wide variety of vehicles to their destinations.With 21 ft flatbeds, we have all the right tools to handle your domestic or import vehicles with the utmost care. Marky’s has safely delivered countless high value vehicles all over the area .

Wider, longer, heavier vehicles are no problem for Marky’s Super Tow . In most cases we can send the right rollback on its way to you within minutes of your call. We have a strong fleet of  trucks available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to handle all of your towing and recovery needs.

Lock Out Service

You did it again! You throw your car in park, Grab your stuff and slam the door. Oh No! Where are my keys!? Now your standing outside your locked car while your keys are dangling from the ignition, Staring back at you. Call Marky's Super Tow and we will get you back in quick!
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